Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in the Sandhills

We’ve had a lovely holiday. We even got snow on Christmas eve. Gotta love that.

The kids will soon spread out again, but they’ll leave with some pretty wonderful memories:  

Supping at Pickles in snow covered Arco, the large red “EAT” sign matching the Christmas lights strung around the café. We even tried their fried pickles - yum!

Going around the table on Christmas Eve saying what we were thankful for: Callie, the grounding that happens when around a multi-generational family, so different from her world in Manhattan. Seth, being with people who “know my story.” Mark, living in a country where you’re rewarded for your own effort. Anna, “for Grandma Barb, who made killer muenster chicken that we’re enjoying tonight!”

Taking Dad along to feed the crew while moving cattle; him saying three times what a good bunch of heifers they were.

Gifts the kids collected from their travels - bright colored fabric and paintings from Africa, antique spoons from Berlin, peppermint tea from Manhattan, and a sweater from Boise!

A sleigh ride with their cousins, complete with jingle bells and steaming percherons.

Conversations about the qualities they will look for in a spouse, “calling” names for their kids, and exploring what this word “vulnerability” means.

. . . even fine memories of the funeral of a friend and fellow rancher, where honor to a family name, the ethics of hard work, forgiveness, humor, and community were celebrated. 

Callie and Seth moving heifers, cold and windy

Christmas in Wapello

Gary brought me the hornet's nest - the ranch provided the greens

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  1. If Fred said the heifers look good, they ARE good! jkj