Monday, December 10, 2012

Home for Christmas

We got the cows home today. They were anxious to get on the road; all but a few head were waiting for us at the gate. They know within a few days of when we’ll show up. They gauge the amount of grass left and trust that we’ll arrive to take them to fresh feed. We still have to ride the ridges for the handful that are happy grazing the draws high above the creek. They’re our favorite cows. We wish we had to gather them all from way up high.

Yesterday was beautiful. The cows follow a gravel road that winds through the mountains above the Blackfoot River. Mark mostly drove the pickup, which he deserved after a long cold ride the day before. I was happy to walk along or let Kate do the work while we stayed in the warm. It was a sunny morning with a light snow covering. We listened to Christmas carols and watched the cows trail along single file. The radio program was “Sounds of Sunday” which meant lots of old time religious carols, my favorite. I called the morning poetic. Mark wasn’t sure about that.

Today was a different story – a “cold windy pig” as Mark called it. Everyone was chilled through by the time we finished. Anita had chili for us when we turned into the field and everyone was in good spirits despite the cold.

Seth arrived home from Liberia last night just in time to help us today. He went from 100+ heat index to this. He survived with long johns, wool bibs - the works. So good to have him home. So good to see the cows spread out grazing, trailing back and forth to the river. Now we just need to get our girls home!   

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