Thursday, January 3, 2013

The "Get To" Season

We walked the mature cows to their last pasture of stockpiled grass. It’s been wonderful having them feed themselves, but the hay stack is ready and waiting. I’ve been reading God Never Blinks by Regina Brett. She talks about using the phrase “get to” instead of “have to.” That’s a good way to look at feeding cows. I’m healthy and strong enough to ride a feed truck. The stackyard is full of home grown high dollar feed. We have a beautiful herd of paid for cows. We “get to” feed them!

The heifers have been on partial stored feed for about a week now. Anna and I bundled up to take them a load this morning at 8 degrees below zero. Everything is brittle and moves with hesitation on mornings like this. Every water tank needs broken. The snow crunches loud at every disturbance and the vehicles are sluggish - if you can get them to start at all. 

If the ranch has a slow season, it’s now. I love the long winter evenings, especially when Christmas is over and we get a fresh start on a new year. Last night we put together a puzzle, the night before it was Scrabble, and the night before that we watched It’s a Wonderful Life. We go to bed early and sleep a little later in the mornings. It’s much needed winter “hibernation” for Mark, a respite from his work schedule the rest of the year.

I finished my year-end review. I've done it for a few years now, just to get my bearings. I look back at my weekly planner, recording for posterity the highlights, challenges, and milestones of our ranch and personal and family life. Am I headed in the rough direction of true north? What do I need to think about in 2013 to make it a great year? How am I tending my spiritual, emotional, and physical life? Good questions for each of us to ponder.

the gather

treading carefully

dawn of a new year


  1. We had a nice New Years visit from a wonderful young man named Seth. I truly enjoyed getting to know him. I told him I am a fan of your blog.
    Lisa Gibson - Paso Robles

    1. So fun to hear from you! Maybe we'll get a visit from Leah this summer? Nice to know someone out there actually reads this. -wendy