Friday, August 3, 2012

East Coast Wanderings

We’ve been tripping. First to Washington DC for the FFA State President’s Conference, then on to New York City to spend a few days with Callie. We were all together in New York and had a wonderful time.

We negotiated the metro, night toured the monuments in DC, walked Central Park and Times Square, sat on Washington’s veranda overlooking the Potomac, and ferried to Staten Island. A highlight was supping at Callie’s restaurant in Manhattan with her as a guest instead of a server. The staff treated us royally, with complementary wine and scrumptious dishes added to each course.

Callie lives in a Brooklyn brownstone and Seth and Anna stayed with her. It’s pretty quiet on her street. She found Mark and me an apartment above storefronts a few blocks from her room. Quiet, it wasn’t, but with earplugs we slept pretty well. What an experience to soak up a totally different way of life. We saw the real New York, the touristy sections yes, but also the residential areas and the families that live their lives there.  

I never really got used to using the subway. Well, I can ride it, but I never quite accepted the lack of congeniality among the passengers. Unfortunately the only conversation I had was a hostile one. A man with lots of anger chose me as a scapegoat. I was pretty shaken for some time and mad that he would have that effect on me. It took me a few days to see others of his type in a positive light. I know he’s an isolated case. I know the majority of people are kind if given the chance, but the “straight ahead don’t bother me look” is pervasive.

We came home to a blackened skyline out our front window. The fires are getting pretty close. 
I stood outside last night, looked at the stars and listened to a mourning dove. There was a gorgeous full moon. It’s good to be home.

FFA kids at the changing of the guard
Arlington Cemetery

New York's charm, alone (but happy) people in Washington Square Park

Central Park

sisters on the roof of  "The Met"
Metropolitan Musem of Art

the Brooklyn Bridge looking towards Manhattan

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