Thursday, August 16, 2012

Distinguished Visitors

Every day smoke hangs in the sky. The sun comes up red and goes down red. The hot, dry weather continues, but it's been cooling off at night and feels wonderful. Gotta love Idaho.

I canned green beans yesterday. The beans are purple hanging on the vine and then turn green when heated. The jars look so lovely lined up on the counter, that I hate to take them down to the storeroom.  We’re about to get an onslaught of cucumbers. Got a good pickle recipe?

Second crop alfalfa is being baled as I write. Hauling starts tomorrow.

We’ve had a fun week. Seth and his whole FFA officer team showed up for a few days between commitments. They mostly rested and worked at their laptops, but they did get in some swimming, horseback riding, and watching the dancing at the Sho-Ban Pow-Wow. They enjoyed being incognito, except for my family reunion where they were introduced to the crowd by my cousin Kent, a big FFA supporter. 

The team comes from all parts of the nation - Wisconsin, New Mexico, New York, Minnesota and Georgia. I love the southern and midwestern dialects.  I also like being called “ma’am” and "Mama Pratt." One special night we played “bug” with Seth’s 93-year-old great grandma Bonnie. It’s a game she played with the kids when they were little. Pretty simple, only requires a pencil and paper and one dice. Whoever rolls the right numbers (3-antennaes, 6-legs, etc.) and makes a bug first wins. Seth was the winner, I was second and Bonnie third. They suspected a conspiracy; we told them it’s all in the wrist.

I think what impressed me most about the young people was how well they got along. Yes they're all agriculture enthusiasts, but they still see the world differently. They spar a little and then joke it off.  As the song says, they’ve slayed dragons together. Their loyalty to one another runs deep in this year of firsts - of all for one and one for all. They’re in Kentucky today being the face of the FFA at a meeting with Toyota.

Then Anna took off for college bright and early this morning. As her Honda headed out the lane a great silence descended on the house. 

another smokey sunrise

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