Saturday, May 9, 2015

A May Album

After trying and failing to write a blog, I decided to let the images tell the story for me.  

I've been on a spring cleaning mission. This old barbed wire was gathered off the mountain last fall to make way for a new line. Oh, if these rolls could talk! 

A76 made the cut and is now a member of the herd. Each replacement heifer is weighed and vaccinated and her number is tattooed into her ear in case she loses her tag. 

We left home with the first herd and encountered a plethora of obstacles along the way.

The crew that makes it happen.

I walked to change a stream of water this morning and flushed a pheasant off her nest! 

Pulling up fence in God's country to get ready for the cows. A second crew kept the herd going.

We made it to the first pasture. The greenest of greens. Bless the rain!

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