Friday, January 10, 2014


We’re taking feed to the older cows every morning. The heifers are still grazing.

We finally got some snow today, much of it sideways. It coated the sagebrush and plastered the trunks of the trees along the driveway.  

Anna and Callie are still home on vacation. Though they’re the best of friends and spend most of their time together, they’re not very similar. They share the same set of values, but have different personality characteristics. Cal is serious, thoughtful, driven. Anna is fun-loving, engaging, and happy. They say they're good for each other. Callie helps Anna think deeper. Anna helps Callie lighten up.

Callie is alternative everything. She makes roasted kale to go with our squash, is deep into yoga, analyzes every situation for fun and wants to live in a city for the arts. Anna is more mainstream. She eats whatever I cook (and likes it!), goes with the flow and wouldn't mind ending up back home on the ranch. But what they share trumps any differences they have - a passion for family, a love of the outdoors and animals, an adventurous spirit and a determination to pursue their dreams. Their common history and a brother they both adore cements them together. 

Anna lives in a crowded sorority and with finals behind her, coming home brought peace and quiet reflection. Callie is used to independent living in New York. For her, home presents a challenge to dovetail her schedule with family time and ranch work. They both said the first couple of days, though fun, were an adjustment. By now after nearly three weeks together, we've done our head butting, made-up and settled into a pleasant routine.

Anita, always looking to hone her photography skills, suggested a photo shoot just two days before the snow came. It was a gorgeous evening with honey-colored light. The girls put on make-up, curled their hair, pulled out the pseudo Ralph Lauren jackets and the cowboy wear and had a great time in spite of the cold.

The next day it was back to work moving heifers to a new field and feeding cows. When we got done they were still laughing together in spite of cold fingers.   

That our kids are good friends is the sweetest of parenting rewards. They like nothing better than time together, preferably deep in conversation. I just overheard from the front room as Callie sank into one of the chairs in front of the wood stove, “Anna, come sit across from me!” 

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