Sunday, December 1, 2013

Anna's Break

I’ve had a tough time coming up with a blog post. I was going to write something profound about this season of gratitude. But every start I made sounded trite and rehearsed and lame. I kept rolling it over in my mind. Thanksgiving came and went. Finally in desperation, I asked Anna if she had any good photos from her week at home. Maybe I would be inspired. She thumbed through her i-phone images and emailed me a few. What fun they are - so original, so different from the scenes I record.

She was really ready for a break from school. She likes her sorority, has plenty of friends and does fine in her classes. But she’s not convinced her major is right for her and with all the questions swirling in her mind, home sounded awfully good. We talked two times a day as vacation loomed.

She stuck pretty close to home this week. She helped Mark fence and tend cattle, cowboyed with Seth, went on a date with a hometown boy, and made us an evergreen Christmas centerpiece. She and I had a fun day shopping together. I helped her buy a classy pair of leather boots, all the rage for today’s trendy women. I tried some on, but couldn't make myself be quite that trendy for the money. 

We had a lovely holiday at Aunt Mona’s with family ranging in age from 7 to 94. It was warm enough for games on the lawn and family photos in the garden.  Word games (yes, the girls beat the boys) and 4 kinds of dessert rounded out the day.

I hate to see the kids go back to college tomorrow. Seems like they leave way more than they come. How does that work? 

Seth on Jane, moving steers

Sly and Jane, good hands

a "selfey?"

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