Friday, June 7, 2013

An Aussie Visit

We’ve had visitors from down under. Rodney and Therese and family first came in 2007 and stayed on the ranch for nine months to give their New South Wales cattle farm a rest from grazing during severe drought conditions. This return trip is just for fun.

They’re taking a whirlwind tour of the western U.S. including Yosemite and Sequoia in California, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, and Disneyland. They rode a cable car in San Francisco and toured the rugged island of Alcatraz. And they came to rural Idaho.

It was remarkable to find them and their beautiful Australian voices so familiar. I decided six years wasn’t a very long time indeed. I was wondering how we would compare to the tourist hot spots of the West, but the whole family seemed to enjoy just relaxing and taking part in our ranch activities. 

We had a perfect day delivering replacement heifers to summer pasture in the Blackfoot River Mountains. Anna, 13, Kate, 11, and Sophie, almost 9, had fun moving the cattle on horseback. The girls learned to lope Sly and Mater around the pasture, with big smiles all around. We picnicked in the quakies and Rodney helped us pull up the electric fences.

Over their three day visit we had great conversations about raising kids and raising clover, the attributes of vegemite and Paw Paw cream, and the commonalities – and differences – of our two countries.

We share a love of the land and a love of family, values that don’t change no matter what side of the planet you call home.

The family went on their way this morning. We promised to visit their home in Cowra in the future, and we expect the girls may turn up when they’re ready for their walk-about. We hope so.

photos by Therese:

Sophie riding double with Mark - tucking them in 

Kate on Mater, Sophie on Sly, Anna on Jane, and Mark on Gent 

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  1. Such a beautiful final photograph of Mark and the Aussie Girls.