Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring for Keeps

It happens every year, but it’s a thrill all the same. God sits on his throne in the sky, observing from the heavens, watching and waiting. And one day the birdsong reaches skyward, the green builds in intensity across the landscape . . . until . . . yup, it’s time. He touches the tip of his finger to his lips and reaches to turn a page on his book of seasons. Spring!
And with that turning, everything changes on the ranch. Our world comes alive with a whole new set of chores to attend to. Cattle walk the fencelines, pushing their necks through to the outside for a bite of green grass. Our friend Terry roams the community with his backhoe, readying the canals for the first flush of river water. Jesse has a “harrowing experience” every afternoon, running up and down the fields breaking up cowpies. And today the farmers next door started planting.  

Without long johns and snow boots I feel 15 pounds lighter. Of course the calves love it too. They run and buck together in packs, their tails high in the air. 

The birds are pairing off with frenzy. A couple of geese have been checking out the pasture in front of our house, mulling the decision to start nest preparation. We laugh about their conversation.  He says, “this is perfect! Grass, trees, a canal - what more do you want?” She replies, “Oh dear, I'm not sure,  . . . let’s keep looking.”  

We spent a few hours with family on Easter Sunday, hiding eggs for our nephew and enjoying a perfect ham dinner. That was good enough, but to top it off Mark brought me manure for the garden! He showed up with the tractor just as the day was ending. It’s one of the perks of a rancher’s wife - manure - all we want and more. Gotta love spring.  

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  1. Geese conversation - hilarious!!! I laughed out loud!