Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Artist

I don’t know how it happened, but this ranch, this family, raised a dancer. Callie learned at 14 what her passion was, and has never wavered, only honed her skill.

She came home on Monday and spent a week with family. She rode horseback gathering cattle in the mountains. She played volleyball with her cousins. She taught yoga one morning to her aunts. She shoveled dykes with Mark. And she danced.

Our family has a treasure in an ancestral home, which provided the perfect backdrop for Callie’s lovely movements. Left untouched, the home stands unchanged for nearly five generations. The plaster crumbles and the walls are stained, the floors dirty. But these imperfections only add to its charm. We took still photos and videos for Callie to take back to Manhattan to gauge interest in a dream project. She wants to recapture, through dance for camera, the artistry of her great grandmother, who was a writer, and her great-great grandmother, who loved to dance. 

We moved from one enchanting vignette to another. The photos have an ethereal quality about them – something about the light coming through the gauze curtains and the weight of time. The antiques, the hardwood floor, the handmade bricks, all provide the perfect setting to show off Callie’s grace. I have always loved the old home, and what a treat it was to create art with my daughter in that sacred space.  

sumptuous back-lighting

 fifty year old pickets
by Mimi's organ

the screened porch

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