Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeding the Herd

I hate feeding cows

Straw chaff and hay leaves – up your nose, in your eyes, down your neck 
Cows milling around the truck
Bitter cold in heavy coveralls
Monotonous drudgery and aching backs
Forever ‘til spring.
Frozen bales, frozen strings, and frozen ligaments
Ancient relics for feed trucks, sticky steering, sputtering start and 
                         stuck in the snow . . . again

I like feeding cows

The rhythmic daily ritual of frosty mornings
A cow greeting, admiring their resoluteness
Looking forward to Grandma’s rice pudding at coffee time
Raising kids – our way
Cows milling around the truck
A total body workout, no membership fee required
A warm silk neckerchief, my Stormy Kromer
                         and leather Kincos with “Mom” lettered in permanent marker


  1. It is all about how we choose to look at things. So much of life is that way isn't Joanne

  2. Hey, Wendy, You express things so well! And now poetically! Yes, we can look at things negatively or postively and the choice is always ours. You gave us both sides, good for you!